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Bespoke watches, are you passionate about lifestyle accessories? Especially watches? Well, we have something in mind for you. At 1598 Watch Co Limited, you will find your favourite Swiss Watches.
Personalisation announces the individuality of a person, and when you are looking for the ultimate touch of sophistication, simply count on us. Whether you need a watch for personal style, or a
special occasion, the watches we deliver will live up to your expectations.
If you crave Bespoke Luxury Swiss made Watches, just order from us. There are times
when you need customised watches for special occasions. You are looking for that rare watch to
compliment your attire and style. Along with bespoke luxury jewellery, these watches will look perfect for that special occasion and refine your look with style.
If you are looking for a special bespoke watch, simply email us with the your specifications and we will endeavour to accommodate your request. For instance, you may need a Swiss watch, with a particular design not shown in our catalogue. As soon as we receive your enquiry, we will suggest relevant models and prices to you. Elegance and uniqueness are the hallmarks of our brand. You can rely on us for Birthdays and those special occasion gifts, providing you with the best standards of class and stylish looks.
Our Swiss made watches make excellent Bespoke luxury gifts for him and her. Just order about ten weeks before the special occasion, as all of our watches are Bespoke and made to order.
Whether it is for a birthday or a special moment, you can rely on 1598 Watch Co Limited for what you want.
Here at 1598 Watch Co Limited, we want to provide you with Bespoke luxury Swiss made watches which go well with your stylish outfits and fashion accessories. In a nutshell, if you want to enhance your image with a sophisticated and elegant look, we are here to cater for your requirements.
Style and individuality are at the core of our story, so feel free to send your requirements to us and we will endeavour to provide you with the customer service you desire.
We provide that touch of individuality for each of our customers, as we strongly believe that every person is
unique. With our customised luxury Swiss made watches, you will stand out from the crowd. If you need Bespoke luxury watches, let us know if there are any specific designs and features you are looking for and we will get back to you as soon as possible with some suggestions and offer our recommendations.
At 1598 Watch Co Limited, you will come across a vast choice of luxury watch straps, which can be bought separately and are sure to make an excellent addition to your purchase. This is exactly what we want for you.
This is our customer service

1598 Watch Co Limited is the name that people love to associate with style and elegance. We are pioneers in our business, recognising your need for individuality. If you have the passion to refine your appearance with the best Swiss made Watches, this is the place to come.
With the best standards of craftsmanship and design we stand strong in catering to the specific requirements of our customers. Check out our collection of Bespoke Luxury Swiss Made Watches and we will endeavour to tailor them according to your requirements allowing you to stand out from the crowd.
You can count on us for your bespoke luxury Swiss made watch, to compliment your fashion accessories and outfits. Whether it is for a unique occasion or a birthday gift for that special person in your life our Swiss Made watches will compliment your accessories and outfits.
The dials on each of our watches are clear and concise and easy to read. When wearing our bespoke luxury Swiss Made watches, telling the time is easy and a joy. The experience of wearing one of our watches is extremely satisfying and all of our watches are both handsome and functional.

About Us - Bespoke watches

You will always feel special and ready to stand apart from the crowd. It enhances your self-image, boosting your confidence, just knowing that you are wearing a unique timepiece on your wrist. There comes a time when an individual needs that special fashion accessory and If you are passionate about looking good, come to us and buy a personalised Luxury Swiss made watch. You will surprise yourself when you buy a tailor-made watch from 1598 Watch Co Limited, at a price intended not to break the bank. In a nutshell, you will enjoy the best display of affordability, elegance and variety that only 1598 Watch Co Limited can supply.
We believe that quality always matters for customer satisfaction. Be it a Swiss Made Diver's watch or a stylish, elegant dress watch, our philosophy is to never compromise with the quality of our products. You can contact us for all your Birthday and special occasion gifts. We prefer to nurture a close relationship with our customers, so please send us your requirements over an email and we will endeavour to provide you with that special look with some relevant suggestions. We also have a wide selection of leather straps which you can order separately as an additional strap with your watch purchase or for an existing watch in your collection. When you are looking for that Bespoke luxury gift for him and her, simply come to us.
Please remember that the availability of our watches is very limited and once all the basic materials are used, the watches in our catalogue will be deemed out of stock and removed from the website. So don’t hesitate, buy that watch now.
If you long to to pamper yourself and display your personality with a sophisticated elegance, you can count on us. We would love to see you looking good.

About Us - Bespoke watches

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Company Registration no. 10379935.
Registered Office – 11 Oakford, Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 3EQ