If you are looking for a Man’s sports watch or an elegant dress watch then check out our Custom Swiss Made Watches at 1598 Watch Co Limited.  We pride ourselves in providing watches that compliment the personality and style of our clients, with unique designs that highlight the hallmarks of our brand, we love to cater to your specific requirements. You may be looking for Bespoke Luxury Custom Swiss Made Watches to refine your appearance and style or something for that special event in your life and if you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free  to email us with your requirements and specifications, and we will get back to you very soon with relevant options and prices.

If you want bespoke luxury accessories, you can check out our collection of Custom Swiss Made watches. All of our designs are intended to complement your style. Our bespoke luxury custom Swiss Made watches go well with fashionable outfits and accessories, emphasising a classy look. All of our watches are elegant and easy to read, due to the clarity of the dials. Our watches are so lightweight and easy to wear, you will never notice you are wearing one. Ideal for an evening at the theatre or nightclub.

Come to 1598 Watch Co limited for your bespoke luxury custom Swiss made watches.

We know that you may prefer lightweight watches with a slim-line profile. We understand your desire for the perfect style. Even our Swiss Made Diver’s watch can be supplied in a multitude of variations. These luxury custom Swiss made watches will enhance your appearance, irrespective of where you are or what you are doing. You may want a watch from 1598 Watch Co Limited for a formal occasion or an evening out. Our watches will fine tune your appearance.

If you want a Bespoke luxury custom gift for that special person in your life, you can count on us.

Some of you may remember the elegant and excellent Rolex Air King from many years ago, with its  34 millimetre diameter dial. It was elegant then as it is now and we think it looks as elegant on any male wrist as any watch with a diameter of 40 millimetres or greater.

In fact men with smaller wrists often hunt for vintage watches because they were always made to a smaller diameter years ago, but because the major manufacturers concentrate on the production of larger dial watches, many men with smaller wrists have to look elsewhere for their timepiece as many watches produced nowadays are just too big for their wrist.

If you feel the same as us and are looking for a watch to fit a smaller wrist then come to 1598 Watch Co Limited as we can provide custom Swiss Made watches for men with a smaller wrist.

You have the freedom to choose what you what you want to look like and not be bound by the take it or leave it attitude of the big watch manufacturers. We value your individuality and this is our sole reason to exist. We are your first option for those Birthday and special occasion gifts.

We stand apart from the crowd of luxury watch suppliers when it comes to personalisation. Unlike major brands that associate men’s watches with larger diameters, we provide the options for smaller watches and leave the choice up to you. Evidently, you will find all possible varieties of watches for men in our catalogue.

With reasonable pricing and sophisticated looks, you will find the right accessory for your lifestyle with 1598 Watch Co Limited.

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  • £1,200.00

    Picture yourself in the Caribbean or Thailand, wearing your custom Swiss Made Diver’s watch. You’re enjoying the sun, sand and surf, taking the occasional swim beneath the sea. Beneath the waves you are witness to a splendid array of underwater beauty. You glance at your Custom Swiss Made Diver’s watch and its time to come […]

  • £1,200.00

    A sporty person will simply love this beautiful Custom Swiss Made Chronograph watch. Customers can buy this very desirable sports watch, which is perfect for both men and women alike. You are probably into your motor sports or horse racing. Maybe you love aviation or yacht racing. This Custom Swiss made watch is just for […]

  • £299.00

    This is a beautiful Gents Gold Plate Watch silver dial and sweeping second hand in a compact 35 mm dial casing and has been applauded on our Instagram page with many welcome comments and praise. This Gents Gold Plate Watch silver dial is unusual by its silvered textured face, Roman numerals and seconds hand complete with date at […]

  • £335.00

    This Gents Gold Plated Watch White Roman Dial is perfect for men and women alike. Customers will love this simple design and lightweight gentleman’s watch, which is perfect for the summer and when on holiday. This Gents Gold Plated Watch White Roman Dial is Gold-plated on steel casing. The casing comes with two options. The 36mm dial […]

  • £299.00

    This beautiful Gents Rose Gold Watch Black and Gold Dial is an excellent, elegant mid sized watch of 35 mm diameter, complete with black dial and gold markers set inside a Rose Gold casing and accompanied with a genuine leather strap of your choice. This is a watch typical of the style worn as a […]

  • £399.00

    This Gents Steel Watch Black Dial Gold batons, like its sister watch with the white dial and silver markers, is  a superb gentleman’s dress watch, which is ideally suited to the man who wants to look smart at any time of the  day, month or year. This Gents Steel Watch Black Dial Gold batons watch would grace the […]

  • £399.00

    We are proud to present this beautiful Gents Steel Watch White Dial Silver batons, which is a superb gentleman’s wristwatch and is the perfect dress timepiece. Absolutely ideal for the man who wants to look smart at any time of the year. This watch would grace any wrist for the busy professional or executive and for […]