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Simplicity and elegance are the driving forces that create the perfect Swiss Made Custom Ladies Watches. These fundamental principles strike closest to the heart of women globally. The luxury Swiss Made Custom Ladies Watches at 1598 Watch Co Limited are designed to cater for the discerning woman. We are among the front-runners in providing customised Ladies Watches as perfect fashion accessories for ladies, irrespective of the occasion and purpose. When you think of Bespoke Luxury Watches, come to us and cherish a new addition to your lifestyle.

Along with bespoke luxury jewellery, you can wear these watches to look good and feel good. Apart from the functionality of these beautiful watches, we focus on your comfort too. Our watches are easy to wear, a lightweight addition to the wrist. Elegance and simple features are imperative and are an important requirement for our customers. We believe in individuality and we want you to feel free to email us any suggestions for what you would like to wear or would like to see in our catalogue and we will endeavour to offer you the best possible options with affordable prices.

The dials are easy and clear to read. The casings for all our watches are lightweight,  ensuring that your wrists aren’t tired at the end of the day. The leather straps on our watches are genuine leather and provide that extra luxury and comfort.  Whether you are at work, at home, having a good time or socialising with friends, these bespoke luxury Swiss Made Ladies Watches make ideal fashion accessories.

We fully understand the needs of our clients. Our ladies watches are lightweight and almost unnoticeable to wear. Inevitably, our Ladies watches are guaranteed to receive a warm and slightly envious compliment from your friends.

As variety is a benchmark which we are known for you will find many options for the watch that catches your eye. If you are looking for that special watch to be worn as a perfect fashion accessory or to go with a much loved outfit, look no further than 1598 Watch Co Limited.

If you are looking for watch, intended as a Birthday gift, or if you have an event or special occasion due and you need a Bespoke luxury gift for your friend or partner then just notify us about 10 weeks before the event, as all of our watches are made to order. If you cannot see what you are looking for on this website then simply email us and we will offer solutions to your enquiry.

You will notice that MOST of our products at 1598 Watch Co Limited should be considered gender-less, as many of the watches will look equally sophisticated and good for both men and women.

For that special time of the year, location or event  you need to consider one of our Luxury Custom Swiss Made watches.

Remember, watch etiquette suggests, gold plated watches are ideal for the summer and remember, you can request any leather strap of your choice with our leather strap watches.

For ladies with a taste for fashion you can purchase the trendiest watches from our website and keep an eye open for new additions from time to time!

You can bank on us for your specific needs.

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  • £210.00

    For a superb lightweight medium sized watch, this Gents-Ladies Gold Plated White Roman Dial watch is perfect for  both men and women alike. Its lightweight gold-plated case and  easy to read white dial decorated with Roman numerals is perfect for men and women who prefer a simple elegant watch for telling the time. This watch is […]

  • £210.00

    Gents-Ladies Two Colour  Strap Watch  is perfect for men and women alike. Its lightweight two colour case makes for an excellent choice and it is almost unnoticeable when wearing it on the wrist. The casing is made from Palladium and Gold plating bedecked with Arabic Numerals on a white dial with minute hands around the […]

  • £399.00

    If elegance is what you are looking for, then buy this beautiful Ladies Gold Plated Curve Link Bracelet Watch now. This beautiful ladies bracelet watch is the ultimate accessory to go with that special outfit, whether worn in the evening, when socialising, or during the day in the office. This watch is gold plated over […]

  • £399.00

    This petit Swiss Made Ladies Gold Plated Strap Watch, would grace the wrists of most sophisticated ladies, enhancing their appearance or outfit at anytime of the year. With a choice of three different case materials, four dials and the multitude of different leather straps and two options of bracelets on offer, what’s not to like? […]

  • £299.00

    Ladies Rose Gold Plated watch. This Ladies Rose Gold Plated watch is a joy to present to all of our customers. This is one of those beautiful elegant, but simple watches which are ideal for the summer. When socialising, attending special events or just something neutral to go with that favourite outfit, this watch is perfect. This watch looks […]